The Crosley Attic Radio Speaker


Although this has the appearance of a radio you’d find overly dusty in the attic, it’s actually a new machine with all the conveniences of modern technology.  It’s sometimes nice to find new technology that doesn’t stick with the modern clean lines and goes for a retro look.  Well this not only looks like an old radio, but is a working radio, with the addition of being able to play music from your MP3 player.

Of course it’s not an iPod dock, so it won’t charge your iPod, which can be a little obnoxious.  However, it’d be nice to have around a radio that plays music from your MP3 player.  The radio end of things is said to have fantastic sound thanks to the utilization of AroundSound.  It eliminates “hot spots” in sound reproduction.  Which gives it a nice clear sound with great acoustics.  It has both AM and FM radio.  You can purchase the Crosley Attic Radio Speaker for $98 from Urban Outfitters.