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Cronzy Pen delivers more than 16 million colors

cronzyNot all pens are created equal, that is for sure. For instance, we have the cheap and reliable ball point pens that one can simply purchase from any supermarket or store, while there are high end pens for you to write down that million dollar cheque or sign an important document which can be classified as a form of luxury item, such as rare Mont Blancs and the like. Of course, we should also not discount the fact that there are smart pens running around in the market, too. Well, the Cronzy Pen is something that is totally different, as it intends to deliver a world of infinite color possibilities as it is capable of writing in more than 16 million colors, now how about that?

Touted to be the ultimate drawing tool, the Cronzy Pen is touted to be a modern gadget that is capable of writing in over 16,000,000 colors. Just how is that possible? This is one piece of gadget wizardry that holds a very tiny scanner in the base of the pen, where it will scan a color, before recreating it. All that the user needs to do is to touch the base of the pen to the desired object; and then the ink cartridges in the pen will be able to recreate that very same color, letting one draw or write in the brand new hue. Any artist worth his or her salt would definitely fall for the wonders of the Cronzy Pen.

The Cronzy Pen will play nice with an app that is available on both Android and iOS devices, in addition to Windows handsets. It can save your favorite colors, pick the different colors for use, and share colors with other users. The Cronzy Pen is available in either silver or black, and each pen set will arrive with the pen itself, a charging case, a power supply, 5 tips, a couple of ink cartridges, and an instruction manual. The 5 interchangeable tip sizes happen to be an ink nib, .7mm, 2mm, 3mm, and felt tip.

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