Croissant Wrist Rest: The Bakery of Ergonomics

The French have plenty of faults. We could argue and debate about French policy and culture for hours, no doubt. But one thing that many of us can agree with is that they make some awesome baked goods. The croissant (which I lovingly refer to as the Freedom Roll) is both pretty, lovingly fluffy, and baked to a simply delicious perfection.

So there’s no question on why designers would exploit the shape of the croissant for their own purposes. In fact, not only the shape, but the actual bread design. And let me tell you something. If I were to use this Croissant Wrist Rest, I would no doubt gain 20 lbs. Hopefully I wouldn’t be foolish enough to eat the wrist support itself, but the craving for a fresh croissant would be unbearable.

But does the design similarities stop at simply a fluffy exterior and comfortable wrist support? Oh, no! The Croissant Wrist Rest even includes a fresh baked bread smell. Is this some sort of French ploy to make Americans even fatter? If so then, um, can we get some free croissants with the order too?

If you’re interested in using a baked good replica as a wrist rest, Brando is offering their Croissant Wrist Rest for $6. Just make sure you don’t gobble it down. It can’t be too healthy. And if you do, please do so with a double portion of butter. It will help lubricate your throat hole.

Product Page via GeekAlerts