Crochet Trimmed Watches

Crochet Trimmed Watches

We all know how first impressions count a lot, so having an original and stylish wristwatch can be one of the important points that adds more personality value to the owner. By original I mean unusual in terms of design and material, luckily enough, there aren’t many watches that use crochet or tapestry as their “substanceā€.

Having in mind that conditional characteristic, I present you two alternative watches that will make you go “pop” – the watchband on either one is made of Italian lambskin and can have a crochet handmade decoration, or a trimmed jacquard tapestry ribbon.

Both are a creative and unique on their own kind of way, the one made from crochet makes me remember my Mom and her projects to add crochet borders to all the towels she can put her hands on. Now that I have put 1 and 1 together, I think I could ask her to do some crochet on normal wristwatch bands and create my own Tiago brand, any takers?

Anyway, the watch faces are square shaped and measure 1-inch which is more than enough to view the time, the bands are adjustable so no worries about the size because (almost) everyone will be able to wear them.

The Crochet Trimmed Watches don’t feature anything high-tech, they only display the time which is the main feature of a watch, and for people that want something simple yet good looking, this is the right option that only costs $80.

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