Critical Hit LED Dice Set lights up when you hit the “jackpot”

critical-hit-led-diceWhen it comes to Role Playing Games (RPGs), there are many different kinds of dice to play with – as different situations call for various rolls. four sided, five sided, and heck, even a 20-sided dice would have their respective roles to play. Needless to say, hitting the highest score on a d20, which would be 20, is considered to be quite the lucky roll – and hence, one would need to “celebrate” such an “occasion”. Why not do so with the $24.99 Critical Hit LED Dice Set?

The name itself gives the game away – the Critical Hit LED Dice Set will feature three different dice that flash red whenever you successfully roll their highest number, leaving no room for any doubt at all that you have managed to be successful in your roll. The set will include one of each: d10, d12, and d20, and this is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive. Of course, it might take some work to convince your GM (Game Master) to make use of these dice in a game. Each of these dice will be powered by a solitary CR2032 battery, which are non-replaceable, of course.