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Critical Hit Dreidel lets you live out your random life in style

critical-hit-dreidelIf you like to live a life of randomness, then you would definitely be able to enjoy a session at the casino. After all, it is all in the throw of the dice that might just determine your fate as to whether you would walk out of the casino a very, very rich person, or have just blown away all of your life savings in one go. Well, for other situations where there are four different options presented to you, and you are at a loss as to which one to pick from, why not let fate decide for you – not through a four sided dice, but rather, through this $9.99 Critical Hit Dreidel?

Do bear in mind that this happens to be a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, which means you are unable to find it anywhere else. It would function as a light-up Critical Hit Dreidel, where it will flash whenever it lands on gimel. Should you have ever spun a d4 or d10 like a top, then you would definitely figure it all out as to what caused this idea to come into existence. This is as geeky as it gets for a Hanukkah/Chanukah gift, and will be powered by a single 3V CR2031 button cell battery which unfortunately, is not replaceable at all.