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Critical Hit Cookie Cutters for the hungry D&D fan

critical-hit-cookie-cuttersSo, you happen to be a huge fan of tabletop RPGs (Role Playing Games), and many a time in one of your RPG sessions, I am quite sure that the dungeon master would have asked you to make a roll of the die to see whether you achieved a critical hit in a particular quest – which would come in handy when dispatching of one of the more powerful denizens of the underworld. Well, all of that tabletop gaming would sure as heck make one hungry, and rather than drink a potion of health, perhaps munching on some cookies might be more tasteful. With the $14.99 Critical Hit Cookie Cutters, you will certainly be able to keep a group of tabletop gamers going for hours on end.

This is definitely one of the geekier cookie cutters out there, and is a Thinkgeek exclusive, so you are unable to find it anywhere else. You can call this six of the most random cookie cutters you’ll ever encounter, where each purchase will feature a full set of polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20), being made out of BPA-free plastic. Do bear in mind that it is not microwave safe and neither is it dishwasher safe, but the byproducts are definitely worth biting into!

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