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Cri-Cri, small solar-powered plane

We have reported on a lot of solar-powered planes before. Like the Solar Impulse, which is capable of a 26 hour flight, then there is the Zephyr, which broke the record for solar-powered unmanned flight.

This is the Cri-Cri, and it is a solar-powered plane that is really only designed for a quick flight. How quick? Try about 15 minutes.

Yeah, that isn’t long, and I would almost be afraid to take it in the air with that small amount of flight time. However, what do you expect for a plane that is completely solar-powered? It is only good enough to seat one, and I can’t see where the solar panels are kept.

Of course, just because you have something that isn’t power-efficient now doesn’t mean that it won’t be power-efficient later. In other words, technology always works in baby steps.

You might be Cri-Cri-ing at the fuel efficiency of this short flight plane now, but you’ll be glad to fly on a completely solar-powered jumbo jet one day. I wonder what they will call that, the Cheer-Cheer?

Yes, I wouldn’t have named this plane the Cri-Cri, no matter how energy efficient that it isn’t. I have got to know why it has this name.

Anyway, let’s hope the Cri-Cri will make the way for eco-safe flying throughout the whole world.


3 thoughts on “Cri-Cri, small solar-powered plane”

  1. It’s named the Cri-Cri because it was a nickname for the original designer’s , Mr. Colomban of France, daughter. The design dates back to the 70’s and has had many different powerplants put on it, mostly two-stoke motors (the original being chainsaw engines), a couple with jets, and the most recent addition being electric motors.


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