The Credit Card Lightbulb for wallet-sized light


If life has seemed a bit too dark for you these days, perhaps you need a little light to carry around in your wallet.  With this credit card sized object, you’ll never be trapped in the darkness again.  Just stash it in your wallet and as soon as you need a little extra light just pull out this card.  Despite being incredibly thin and small, it will emit light.

In order to activate it, you just tilt the small lightbulb into the upright position.  The rest of the card works perfectly as a stand to hold up the light.  The card is a bit thicker than your average credit card, but is elsewhere the same size.  They don’t say what kind of batteries keep this light powered, but thankfully they are at least included.  You can pick up one of these Credit Card Lightbulbs for $4.99 through Think Geek.

Source: HolyCool

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