Creative Labs Wireless Outdoor Rock Speaker

Ordinary speakers sitting out in the yard won’t exactly blend in with the scenery.  If you don’t like technology standing out in your garden, you might pick up this Creative speaker.  It won’t exactly fool people into thinking it’s a real rock, especially if they bump into it.  However, it will keep your patio from looking like it’s cluttered with technology.

The speaker has one side that reveals that it’s definitely a speaker and not a rock.  Being a speaker made for the outdoors, it’ll work just fine no matter if it’s bright and sunny or a dreary rainy day.  It’ll also be perfectly safe out in the snow.  It has a 6.5 inch stereo speaker with dual tweeters.  Out in the open air it’ll offer contoured sound.  It also has a rechargeable battery that will run for 6 hours.  You can purchase it for $199.99 through Amazon.

Source: Gearlog

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