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The Create A Space Partition – no touchy


When you’re traveling, you don’t really remember the helpful people unless they go far out of their way to help you. What sticks out the most are the people who act like human versions of hearing nails on chalkboard. More often than not, we also get stuck sitting next to those people on the plane, and since everything in coach relies on unspoken rules, you better hope you get to your seat first or you’re not going to have an armrest to use.

 If you really can’t stand people to the degree that you’d rather pay money to not touch them, then this Create A Space is for people exactly like you. This is a little 10 ounce accessory that will unfold to reveal a partition which will make sure whoever sits next to you has to share precisely one half of the armrest. It’s rather compact, taking up about as much space in your bag as a book would.

The only weird thing about this product is that it might cause some undue tension between you and your seatmate. Once you override the unspoken rule, people might get moody and upset. If you aren’t prone to anxiety about what others think of you, by all means, please go out and spend $39.99 on this so you don’t have to touch elbows. If nothing else, you will be guaranteed your own bubble of space, if you don’t get a middle seat!

Available for purchase on Amazon