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crazybaby reveals plans for Luna telescopic wireless speaker

luna-crazybabyWireless speakers come in many forms and sizes, where some of them are durable enough to handle knocks, drops, and even go for a swim in order to keep up with your rather adventurous lifestyle. Having said that, what about some of the more refined wireless speakers that are in the market? Surely there should be a better design than that of the standard sound bar type? crazybaby has thought about this and decided to take the challenge to deliver a unique wireless speaker that they call the Luna – and what makes the Luna special is the fact that it is a telescopic wireless speaker, the first of its kind in the world.

It comes across as no surprise to see crazybaby deliver such a unique speaker, since they are the ones behind the first levitating hi-fi speaker system in the world as well. Talk about shaking things up in the audio market for the second time around! The Luna is a wireless speaker with features that go far beyond wireless portability. For starters, the Luna will be powered by MESHNET network technology, sporting multi-point connectivity that can support up to 32 units to create a highly stable wireless audio network.

Your ears will also appreciate the fact that Luna delivers incredible, full-bodied sound thanks to an independent 10W 1″ NdFeB high frequency horn and a 10W 2″ NdFeB full -range driver. As for the centerpiece of the design, it would be the Luna Eye, which is a groundbreaking design that will take advantage of an AWU smart electric telescopic system and adjustable color kit which will enable the user to set the lighting to match the user’s listening experience. Expect the Luna to be made from aircraft grade-aluminum and shaped in a perfect palm-sized sphere, where its 2-inch full-range NdFeB speaker creates less distortion and a more linear magnetic path. We cannot wait for its Kickstarter campaign to kick off soon.

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