CPR Resuscitation Pad Makes Life Saving Easier

Statistics show that CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) can increase the chances of a victim surviving by up to 50%. That’s five lives saved out of every 10 instances of the process. The problem is that many people, even those who are CPR certified, perform the action inaccurately, sometimes causing even more damage than was present in the first place.

But not all is lost, even for those who are unlucky enough to have a possibly fatal heart attack among a crowd with no CPR experience. The CPR-PAD by the aptly named designer Ryan Helps aids the administrator to accurately perform CPR using proper rhythm and hand positioning thanks to its intuitive design and features.

The CPR-PAD uses a body diagram with key body parts marked for positioning, along with the aid of a blinking power light which tells the life saver when to compress the patients chest, and more importantly, where to press. When the proper pressure is achieved, the CPR-PAD will click in place to notify the user that no more pressure is needed for that thrust.

Essentially, the CPR-PAD is easy enough to use for someone who has never performed CPR in their life. A gadget such as this could help save many lives for those who experience traumatizing injuries in public places. The recent death of Tim Russert really brings the execution of CPR home. Who knows if he could have been saved.


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