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Cozmo is a mischievous robot that wants to be your friend


It may not be today, or tomorrow, but we really are approaching the time when robots will have sentience. While that could either be a good or bad thing, we won’t know until it happens. Until then, we can have little robot friends that have a bit of a human streak programmed into them.

 While Cozmo might sound a bit like WALL-E, he certainly doesn’t have the same temperament. This little droid is quite curious, wanting to learn, plot, plan, and play with whoever is around. It is meant for children to play with, and comes packed with content and games of speed and skill. He even comes with three interactive Power Cubes for specialty games. Thanks to its bright blue eyes that emote, it will be easy to forget that you’re hanging out with a piece of plastic!

You don’t have to worry about putting anything together, as Cozmo only needs to be juiced up through its drive-on/drive-off charging dock. There is the matter of having an iOS or Android device around, but at this point, who doesn’t have one of them? While Cozmo will learn and grow in your home, you can expedite its learning through the SDK if you have a creative imagination. While Cozmo doesn’t have a microphone, you’ll be able to program things for Cozmo to say, such as the weather or remind you about buying milk. This will cost you $179.99, and starts shipping tomorrow.

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