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Covert Aeronautical Cocktail Shaker delivers a stirring design

covert-aeronautical-shakerSome people are able to cook up a storm in the kitchen, while others do have the ability to make a mean cocktail, getting all of the ingredients just right, achieving the careful balance of taste and perfection. Well, while there has been special designs involved for other cocktail shakers such as the Bullet cocktail shaker, here is the $99.95 Covert Aeronautical Cocktail Shaker that will actually make you take a second look.

For those who have an interest in history, surely the Covert Aeronautical Cocktail Shaker might make you think of the curious looking covert cocktail shakers that were developed during prohibition, this is an Art-Deco airplane shaker which will be able to serve up chilled libations in a jiffy. The fuselage-shaped shaker will rest horizontally on the winged stand alongside a couple of propellers, making it look more like an executive’s desk ornament than anything else. Even the propellers can be rotated for that additional touch of disguise, so to speak, and when you want to make your own mix, the fuselage will first need to be removed from the stand, where its rounded Art Deco lid will open up so that you can add in more ice, alongside the different poisons of your choice.