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Counterfeiters have a new hurdle

toppan-nanotext.jpgToppan Printing of Japan has recently lifted the curtain on their spanking new nanotext printing technology that enables printers to insert text on a microscopic level into holographic images. This move bodes well for those who are looking for an alternative layer of security when it comes to “Crystagram” holographic anti-counterfeit technology. Test production is expected to begin later this month, with a full market release scheduled for autumn later this year if everything goes well.

This holographic nanotext printing technology utilizes electron beams that are capable of carving out characters which are 30 times smaller that what is possible with existing “microtext” technology. The resolution is astouding – it measures at approximately 100 nanometers, making it possible for one to cram in over 20 holographic characters in a space as small as the width of a human hair. That’s approximately 80 microns for the scientifically minded.

Holograms have been a solution for a long time now when it comes to effectively preventing the counterfeit of items, including gift certificates, credit cards, and luxury brand product tags, but all this is a matter of a catch up race with counterfeiters who are pretty adept when it comes to adopting new technologies. Nanotext could possibly provide more headache than counterfeiters can handle, and this is exactly what Toppan Printing aims to do. The company is currently working on the technology that makes mass production possible, and is currently targeting a first-year sales figure of $2.5 million.

Source: Pink Tentacle