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The CouchMaster Pro – living on your couch is serious business

Couchmaster Pro

If you always make sure you have time to game, your setup is very important. Those few hours you have in the evening are the best way to relax, so it only makes sense that you want things to be perfect. If you are a PC gamer and like to play on your couch, then you know how annoying it can be to try and find a flat space to put your keyboard and mouse.

 If you want to be serious about your couch potato gaming lifestyle, then this Couchmater Pro will be a must-have. This has a 4-port USB hub, 16-32 foot long cable, practical cable management, and more. This ergonomic design comes from Germany, and has removable cushions for the heel of your hand. There’s also a pocket for your mouse, and a side bag for even more accessories or cans of energy drinks to fuel your gaming session.

There are of course, add ons such as a mobile holder, ash tray, and tablet holder that will make sure you’re never far from a source of entertainment. That’s going to put more on top of the $169 you’ll have to pay initially for this though. There are a variety of colors to choose from for the leather, and no effort will be required from you to set this up as it is plug-and-play. This would also be great for laptop usage for those that like to game in bed or on the couch. Nothing quite like having a portable desk to game wherever you want.

Available for purchase on nerdytec

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