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New Cortexa touchscreens from Smarthome

cortexaSmarthome has just announced its new range of Cortexa touchscreen displays to the masses, where they will come in 8.4″ and 15″ touchscreen formats. Well, most homes these days still use traditional switches and aren’t all that smart, but it works for the majority of folks out there. For those who always want to live life on the cutting edge with the latest and greatest at their disposal, they would do well to check out what Cortexa has to offer with the recent introduction of their new touchscreen displays. Apparently, these won’t be crazy expensive, but are affordable yet offering power and performance for the home DIY enthusiast to develop a unique, reliable and complete home automation product suite.

Cortexa’s new range of touchscreens are powerful and run on fast processors to keep it ahead of the game. You get flush mounting and acrylic bezels for that artistic touch to make it blend well with your interior (for most designs, anyways), while capacitive soft-touch configurable buttons are a snap to use and press. Webcam support is also thrown in for added effect. Cortexa’s robust solid-state touchscreens will open up access to the Cortexa Home Automation Controller, and one is able to use third party web-based or Windows based applications through a simple configuration process. Don’t worry about leaving the earth habitable for the next generation – these new Cortexa touchscreens are RoHS compliant, energy-efficient and reliable enough to function for years, with an always-on service via the XPe embedded OS to help you out of tight spots.

These touchscreens are perfect for those who run web-based or Windows based applications where an in-wall location and touch access are considered to be essential. In an everyday use device such as this, one would expect the Cortexa touchscreens to deliver robust, solid-state and unwavering stable performance, which it promptly does so thanks to a low-heat, high performance fanless processor. Prices range from $1,750 to $2,550.

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