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Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse gets an upgrade

corsair-sabre-gaming-mouseGamers are a pretty sensitive lot – they would like to make sure that they have nothing but the very best hardware backing them up, just to make sure that no stone is left unturned, so that they will minimize the amount of anything going wrong simply because of less than optimal hardware, leaving only pure skill to separate one from the other. Having said that, there has been many different hardware manufacturers where gaming devices are concerned, and Corsair is one of them. It is nice to see that Corsair has stepped up the game with the Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse that has just picked up a spanking new upgrade in the form of a 10,000 DPI optical sensor.

The upgraded Sabre RGB gaming mouse will boast of the 10,000 DPI optical sensor as mentioned earlier, and it will also have a four-zone dynamic multi-color backlighting as well as eight programmable buttons, which in turn would make the Sabre RGB the new lightweight champion of Corsair’s award winning range of gaming mice.

Merging state-of-the-art optical sensor technology alongside lightweight and ergonomic design, the Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse will be able to deliver superior tracking speed alongside deadly accuracy. With the 10,000 DPI optical sensor and multi-color DPI indicator, high-accuracy tracking is more or less guaranteed to ensure that every single click counts. It tips the scales at a mere 100 grams, where it has been specially designed to accommodate multiple grip styles, letting Sabre RGB’s sleek ergonomic shape fit comfortably in your hand so that you can enjoy longer marathon gaming sessions without tiring out.

Not only that, Sabre RGB’s 8 programmable buttons can also be fully re-mapped using the Corsair Utility Engine Software (CUE), be it for single keystrokes or complex macros in order to provide MOBA and MMO gamers the edge. With four-zone dynamic multi-color backlighting, users will enjoy virtually infinite color customization, or with CUE Link, match Sabre RGB’s lighting and effects to that of your Corsair RGB Keyboard with the click of a button. The asking price? A relatively affordable $49.99 a pop, actually.

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