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Corsair M65 PRO RGB gaming mouse sports highest DPI ever from the company

corsair-m65-pro-rgbIt has been a more or less a couple of years since the Corsair M65 was released, and back then, such a gaming mouse certainly made waves as it did not break the bank and yet came with its fair share of gaming capability. Having said that, isn’t it time for an upgrade for the Corsair M65? The time has arrived, where the Corsair M65 PRO RGB gaming mouse has been announced. To sweeten the deal even further, this is one gaming mouse from Corsair that is touted to boast of the highest DPI ever from the company.

Just how high can the resolution go? We are looking at a 12,000 dpi optical sensor to get the job done, which should be more than enough to ensure that every single twitch of your hand will result in a corresponding movement on the screen itself. The advanced 12,000 dpi optical sensor will not stand alone, as it is accompanied by a revolutionary surface calibration tuning utility and high-precision switches, ensuring that the M65 PRO RGB will build on the original Corsair M65’s legacy when it comes to durability and comfort, at the same time include the latest in-mouse sensor and customization technology.

In addition, the latest Corsair M65 PRO RGB gaming mouse happens to be a competition-grade FPS gaming mouse, where its aircraft-grade aluminum chassis will be able to deliver low weight and high durability, sporting a dedicated sniper button, as it takes advantage of on-the-fly dpi switching so that you can instantly match mouse speed to gameplay demands where extreme accuracy is concerned. There is also an advanced weight tuning system that enables the gamers to adjust the mouse’s center of gravity to match their play style; where lighter is required for fast-deadly precision and heavier for decisive movements. The asking price ain’t that shabby either, as it goes for a highly affordable $59.99 a pop.

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