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Corsair Katar gaming mouse ups the ante

corsair-katarGamers can be a particularly choosy lo – especially when it boils down to the kind of hardware that they use. Most of the time, they would settle for nothing less than the best that is available in the market, in order to maximize their chance at winning the next deathmatch or guild outing. However, once you are equipped with all the fancy gaming equipment and yet still lose a match to an opponent who uses inferior peripherals, then you know for sure it is time to stop your dreams of being a pro-gamer and continue being a programmer instead. Corsair is no stranger to gaming mice, having rolled out the Sabre RGB mouse in the previous year, and here they are with the brand new Katar Gaming Mouse for the masses to try out – and perhaps stick with the brand for a long time after this.

The Corsair Katar Gaming Mouse will deliver a simple and deadly choice for gamers who are on the lookout for the sharpest edge where competitive multiplayer games are concerned. It has been designed with the help of top pro-gaming teams worldwide, where you get to enjoy an ultra-responsive 8,000 DPI optical sensor for extreme accuracy and precise tracking regardless of the speed in which you move the mouse. Katar’s compact and ultra-lightweight 85g ambidextrous design would also make it a snap to use all day long without your hand feeling tired at all, regardless of whether you are a southpaw or otherwise. There are also rubber side grips which ensure you end up with a firm hold at all times, even when you normally sweat bucketloads through your palms.

The Corsair Katar gaming mouse is not only smart but ‘deadly’ as well, where Pro Player Mode lets you take advantage of pre-configured performance and tuning settings which are used by the world’s top players. This provides you with a psychological boost and who knows, might even offer you a professional edge without having to rack up years of practice.

Best of all is, the Corsair Katar gaming mouse will not burn a hole in your pocket if you decide to pick it up, as it costs just $39.99 a pop.

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  1. Well this is quite impressive but I like the super series Logitech Gaming pro. I need to test this Corsair Katar yet and will give actual review after that.
    Thanks Edwin for this review!

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