Corn-Off-The-Cob with the Kernel Kutter


Ever since I bought the Cherry Pitter , I made it my personal mission to try to find other kitchen gadgets that accomplish the same goal: isolating the delicious from the waste. For too long our hands have been soiled by the food we eat – we struggle with those horrible pits, seeds, cores, bones, and crust in an effort to dine. Well, the genius that devised the Pineapple Prince and the Bread Bouler also has an item that was so fantastic, they named their company after it. Yes, the Kernel Kutter is here and gone are those days of sticky, buttery, burnt fingers (possibly rendering those mini plastic, cob-shaped darts (holders) for the ends of the cob obsolete).

For a meager $7.90 from the manufacturer or $6.99 from The Kitchen Store, you will be decimating ears of corn in a flash. The website claims 120 ears can be processed in 15 minutes, but I suspect this can be easily beaten (call Guiness). They also argue that all other kernel cutting instruments are “tedious, hand fatiguing, and thankless.” Frankly, I agree. Now before you make any posts calling me lazy or blasphemous – I enjoy a nice ear of corn in the summer as much as the next guy. In an effort to identify the efficient brilliance of simplicity, this gadget is truly the epitome of the ideal design.

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