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The Core Hammer will let you hit things without getting arrested


Some workouts will make you sweat, but leave you feeling like you could’ve done more. There’s cycling and Zumba, but aside from getting in a bit of cardio┬áthere’s not much strength training happening. While you can find some really great routines and get to work in the weight room, not everyone wants to be in a room full of people with massive muscles that constantly look and sound like they’re on the verge of going on an all-out rampage.

If you want to hulk out at home without the possibility of causing anyone bodily harm, but also want to feel like you’re smashing concrete, the Core Hammer is going to be the best thing ever. This sprung from the workout where you take a sledgehammer and haul back on a giant tire. It’s literally the exact same workout, but this won’t send you to the ER if you miss. It comes in sizes of 8 and 12 pounds, so you can work your way up to a higher weight whenever you feel like your level of rage is disproportionate to how difficult it is to swing this mock hammer.

While this will definitely give you a full body workout, it is more expensive than the real sledgehammer and tire version. You’ll be looking at paying out $199.95-224.99 for this exercise tool. It’s likely going to be best used by those who live in city areas that don’t have the room or capability to swing a hammer at a tire and chance missing. Either way, you’re going to look five times more insane and awesome while doing this rather than trying to keep up with Zumba.

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