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Cordless Over The Shoulder Reading Light ushers you into a wireless lifestyle

cordless-shoulder-lightThere is nothing quite like being able to kick back your feet, prop them up on a sofa, and settle down for a good book at the end of a particularly grueling day at the office. After all, that is when you can let your imagination escape and run wild, while you forget the trials and tribulations earlier on. Having a good reading light would go a long way in ensuring that your reading experience is prim and proper, although a glass of milk with a cookie on the side does help as well. The $99.95 Cordless Over The Shoulder Reading Light brings a certain traditional yet modern charm to any home, that is for sure!

Being a cordless rechargeable lamp which will rest over the back of a chair or sofa, without the need for any floor space, it has a weighted, flexible brown microsuede fabric base which will drape over the back of a padded chair or a sofa’s backrest. There, it will be held secure by its own weight both in front, at the back, and along its 12″ width. There is also a 15″-high flexible antique bronze neck which will bend to arch at your desired angle for casting the cool LED’s light over your shoulder; while the light’s barrel adjusts itself to provide wide-angle light for general reading or a narrow, focused beam for detailed tasks. The integrated battery can last up to eight hours of high-powered light (13 hours of low-powered light) from a six-hour charge.