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Cordless Patio Lamp

Going wireless is the next big thing for most folks, and the Cordless Patio Lamp steps in to fill in such shoes perfectly. This is a cordless, weatherproof lamp which offers outdoor illumination without the need for an electrical outlet – of course, it would mean making sure there is enough battery juice within before you use it for any event. The battery powered lamp’s LEDs are capable of producing 200 lumens of brightness, casting a bright, 25′ circle of light onto a patio or deck. The brightness level can also be adjusted to range from a soft glow to a crisp light which illuminates a dinner table. The lamp itself telescopes from 24″ to 60″ high, making it comfortable on either a table or on the ground. Thanks to its sealed aluminum housing, the lamp is protected from rain, wind, and sun. Eight D batteries power the $99.95 Cordless Patio Lamp, offering up to 400 hours of light.

2 thoughts on “Cordless Patio Lamp”

  1. With the high cost of “D” batteries, this lamp could put a serious dent in someone pocketbook over time!
    Couldn’t they make this work with just 2 or maybe 4 “C” batteries?
    Nice design though!

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