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Cordless Motion Activated Outdoor Sconce

So you want to move towards a paperless home, but how about a wireless home? That too, is something that is being worked on by many people, as just about every modern home in this day and age comes with a Wi-Fi network, in addition to wireless printers, wireless digital cameras, the works. How about ensuring that even the lights in your home are also wireless in nature? This is what the $69.95 Cordless Motion Activated Outdoor Sconce is all about, being a battery-powered outdoor sconce which will deliver automatic nighttime illumination each time it detects the appropriate amount of movement.

The Cordless Motion Activated Outdoor Sconce will come with an integrated motion sensor that has been placed into the bottom of the fixture, where it has a detection range of up to 22′ away and across a 90° angle. This would allow it to initiate illumination well before you approach the light. It would be best to use rechargeable batteries with this household addition, considering how it is powered by a quartet of C batteries. The Cordless Motion Activated Outdoor Sconce can be mounted just about anywhere on a house with the included bracket and hardware, as it does away with the need for hardwiring and proximity to a power outlet. A pair of LEDs are capable of generating a bright white light, and they will remain illuminated for 20 seconds after the sensor detects motion, in addition to carrying a pair of adjustable brightness settings.