Cordless Long Reach Chainsaw lets you tackle those hard-to-reach areas

cordless long reach chainsaw

Forget about running your very own Texas Chainsaw Massacre – with the Cordless Long Reach Chainsaw, you will be able to deliver mayhem at your own convenience, since you will now be able to have the advantage of range that a regular chainsaw does not have. The thing about chainsaws is, they are powerful machines that can cut through some rather thick logs without having to put in too much effort – as opposed to an axe, that is.

The Cordless Long Reach Chainsaw will sport a telescoping handle which can extend up to 8′ in order to comfortably reach high branches without the need for a ladder. Rated at 40 volts, it can deliver the vigor of a traditional chainsaw, sans the tangle of extension cords, not to mention the fumes of gasoline, as well as experiencing the hazard of climbing a ladder. The pole will come with a minimum extension of 75″ while the head rotates up to 30° in order to help you set the best angle for precise trimming and cutting of up to 71/2″-thick limbs and branches. It has an 8” chain that can be safely adjusted sans tools thanks to its built-in chain tensioning system, as it operates at approximately 20 decibels quieter compared to most of the other chainsaws.