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Cordless Lighted Salt or Pepper Mill lets you enjoy your meals – even in the dark

cordless-lighted-millThere are very few feelings in the world that will be able to compete with that of biting into your favorite food. After all, with the right condiments in place, it does make plenty of sense as the cornucopia of flavors swirl all around in your mouth. What happens when there is a blackout in your area due to a storm, and you are halfway through your meal? Fret not – at any point in time when you would want to season your meal with salt or pepper, the $49.99 Cordless Lighted Salt or Pepper Mill would definitely come to your rescue. Keep calm and continue eating, as they would have it.

The Cordless Lighted Salt or Pepper Mill works this way – it dispenses freshly ground black pepper (or a choice of sea salt, you pick) with a single push of a button. There will be an integrated LED that will be able to light up your dish, while an adjustable dial ensures you can change the size of the grounds that are dispensed. Not only is it easy to fill, it is also a snap to use, making this a one-handed seasoning solution that will cater not only for busy chefs, but also those who love to carry out their own grilling dreams in the backyard. It is powered by a rather hefty number of batteries though – 6, count ‘em, 6! For something more ‘energy efficient’ and yet has a ring of novelty to it, the R2-D2 Salt & Pepper Mill would be a better option.