Cordless Heated Car Screen Ice Scraper

Right now, it is the dead of winter where I live. The snow level keeps rising, and it is getting colder and colder. As a result, my windshield is filled with frost that must be scraped off every time I want to go out for a ride. It is enough to make me want to move a place that always has a warmer climate.

I saw this gadget and thought that it was perfect for me. It is the Cordless Heated Car Screen Ice Scraper, and the name alone sold me.

This Ice Scraper is designed to charge in the cigarette lighter socket, and works for about 20 minutes. With the rugged teeth and heated pad, it just what you need to break up the big chucks of ice that are blocking your view. The Scraper also comes with an LED light so you can use it at night.

Anything that can help me get the annoying frost off the car windshield is definitely worth buying. Too bad I didn’t report on this device a few weeks ago, because it certainly would have been the Perfect gift for that hard-to-shop person during the holidays.

You should be able to get the Cordless heated Car Screen Ice Scraper for about £24.99 off the Maplin site.


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