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This Cordless Hand Vacuum hunts for forgotten french fries

Handheld Vacuum

If there are any living beings in an area, there will be a mess created in their wake. Dust, dirt, leaves, fries, paper, and countless other bits of this and that will accumulate in your home, office, and car. We don’t need to clean up after ourselves on a daily basis, but there is some need to make things tidier every so often.

It’s not exactly convenient to lug the vacuum from your home out to your car to suck up some crumbs, which is why it would be much better to use this Cordless Hand Vacuum. Not only will it make quick work of small messes in your car, but anywhere else you might need it, like your desk at work, or getting in between the cushions of your couch. The cyclonic action in this compact cleaning device will spin dust and dirt away from the filter to make sure the suction isn’t affected.

This is a snap to use, as you only need to charge its 1300 mAH battery via USB (like we do with every other device in our lives), and switch it on. There are two nozzles to fit whatever job you might need it for, the filter is removable, and can be rinsed out for reuse. You’ll be parting ways with $39.99, but it will provide you with a quick and easy way to tackle small jobs and tight spaces.

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