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Cordito Leather Cable Wrap might contain your cable insanity

It’s nice knowing exactly where things are, and that they’re neatly folded, coiled, or wrapped and ready to go. Some days, even though we’ve spent time prepping cables or headphones for storage, we retrieve them in a giant bundled mess. It’s a minor annoyance, but there are always methods to take care of that.

While we can’t have a sweet utility belt without it looking like a fanny pack, you can opt for something like the Cordito Leather Cable Wrap. This is a leather roll that can hold all of your ‘tools of the trade’ much in the same way that a tool roll works for chefs, archaeologists, and more. Through this wrap, you’ll be able to place your wrapped cables or cords into the slots, roll it up, and button it shut to make sure nothing can unsettle it further.

This comes in either brown or black, and it will cost you around $40. It measures 12 ¼x 5 ½” when opened, and 5 ½” long by ~2” in diameter when rolled (what you put in it will make the diameter more or less). While this would be extremely useful to keep your cables tidy, keep in mind that you will need to be someone who is already pretty good about wrapping your cords before shoving them into your bag. Be prepared for this to take on a ‘weathered’ look, as the leather is likely going to become a little beat up from being jostled in your bag day-to-day.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek