Cord Storing Three Device Charger keeps everything nice and tidy

cord-storing-3-device-chargerSure, wireless charging has its advantages, but we have not quite arrived there yet where every single piece of mobile consumer electronics happen to feature wireless charging capability. This means we will still have to live with the likes of cables in the mean time, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, either, since it opens up opportunities for some zany new devices like the $39.95 Cord Storing Three Device Charger to stake a claim for itself in the realm of accessories.

The Cord Storing Three Device Charger happens to be a hub which is able to simultaneously juice up a trio of mobile devices, all the while making sure that the cables are neatly stored in its base between uses. This adds to an overall look of cleanliness and order, where the top of the charger will sport a trio of USB ports that are ideal for quick refueling of smartphones, tablets, and other USB-compatible devices, while located at the charger’s base would be a deep compartment that lets you tidy away cables and adapters whenever those are not required.

In addition, this space-saving, clutter-combatting charger will sport wide notches in its sides that will hold gadgets upright, even when they are encased, with the base being rubberized and weighted to ensure stability.