Always Right Cord is like your mother…she too, is always right!

Always-Right-CordWhen it comes to having cables, I would like to think that we have taken the relevant steps in the right direction in freeing ourselves from being tethered to a particular device. After all, there is freedom indeed when it comes to taking advantage of a wireless connection – you do not have to suffer from accidental jerks of the headphones assuming you get up from your desk and walk away, forgetting that it is there in the first place, let alone the classic case of someone tripping over it because you were lying down on the floor, enjoying your favorite tunes. The Always Right Cord might not be headed in the wireless direction, but it does cater to those who want something that is tough and can last quite the distance.

Being a Kickstarter project, the Always Right Cord will boast of a plastic-coated cable that comes covered in durable nylon material as well as aluminum connectors with gold-plated contacts, In order to live up to its reputation, the Always Right Cord will deliver the convenience of a reversible cable as well as the strength to last the test of time. Over the past half decade, Micro-USB (USB 2.0 Type-B) has ended up as the standard interface where non-Apple devices are concerned, where you will find it in the likes of smartphones, tablets, 2-in-1 tablet/computers, GPS devices, digital cameras, and wireless headphones, among others.

With the Always Right Cord that is built to last, you do not have to worry about which direction in which you plug it in, so even if you were to apply a whole lot of force, it will still be able to work – and work seamlessly, too. Apple iOS device users can always make use of the already reversible Lightning connector, where it will be paired with the larger Type-A USB in order to provide those consumers a dual-sided, reversible Apple Lightning cable to boot.

The Always Right Cord will be available from as low as $8 where the first 250 backers are concerned, and $10 for unlimited backers throughout the remainder of the campaign.

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