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Coral One vacuum robot does more than the usual

coral-oneRobotic vacuum cleaners are certainly nothing new these days, as there is quite a number of companies out there that have come up with their fair share of models which are capable of mapping out your entire home while ensuring it is capable of docking itself when it starts to run low on juice. However, here is something that might just raise your jaded eyebrow: the Coral One. The Coral One happens to be a powerful 2-in-1 vacuum robot that brings along with it an injection of true innovation.

 Just what kind of innovation are we talking about here? For starters, it comes equipped with a handheld component and nozzle accessories, ensuring that it is capable of delivering cleaning power that will extend far beyond the floor. This enables users to be able to clean up a wide range of surfaces, ranging from the creases of one’s sofa all the way to curtains as well as countertops. In addition, this vacuum robot will also be able to navigate individual space that it cleans by making use of an internal computer, allowing it to map out the entire floor plan.

Built-in sensors will allow it to determine the most efficient cleaning path, while making sure that it does not end up bumping into various objects. The presence of cyclonic technology that is accompanied by high-power fans delivers the most powerful suction in its class, while custom-built wheels and modules guarantee the Coral One would be able to climb over floor transitions and any uneven surfaces in a jiffy.

There are two primary cleaning modes for the Coral One; Standard mode that works best for solid surfaces, while Turbo mode comes in handy if you would like to perform a deep clean or clean up a thicker surface. You get to enjoy up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted battery life in Standard mode, while Turbo mode would see it amble around for 30 minutes. Available in Pearl and Onyx shades, the Coral One will arrive for a preorder price of $649 online with shipment kicking off in October 2018.

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