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The Copenhagen Wheel turns any bicycle into a smart electric hybrid

Copenhagen Wheel
If a bicycle is your main mode of transportation, there are days when it’s a bit rough to keep going. Hills seem steeper, distances seem to multiply tenfold, and it feels like your legs could give out at any moment. No one wants to arrive at their destination a tired, sweaty mess, so it only makes sense that having a hybrid bike would help. Of course, if you don’t want to go over the top with buying and installing a motor, why not install a wheel?

The Copenhagen Wheel was just a design idea last we looked at it, and now it’s available for pre-order. By attaching this wheel to your bike, you instantly transform it into an electric hybrid. It houses a motor, batteries, sensors, and an embedded control system. It uses wireless connectivity, and over a period of time can learn how you pedal, and multiply your own power by 3-10 times.

It has power assist, which will measure your effort and help you make the incline of a hill seem like nothing. There’s regenerative braking, which means the wheel will capture energy and use it to recharge the lithium battery pack. The smart control can give you varied levels of assistance which can be determined by you though the Superpedestrian app. This is meant for serious cyclists, so it should come as no surprise that you’ll be looking at a hefty sum. Paying out $799 will get you either the just the Copenhagen Wheel, or the “Developer Edition”, which will give you the wheel and access to the API, developer support, and a subscription to their newsletter. Should you be interested, these won’t start shipping until Spring of next year.

Available for pre-order on Superpedestrian