Coox Concept brings the kitchen to the Internet Generation

Have you ever eaten out at one of those restaurants where they cook and chop the food right in front of you? I always thought that it was a little dangerous, because that hot grill is out in the open, where someone could burn their hand or some other body part. Couldn’t they just wheel the hot grill out, and wheel it back when finished?

Perhaps this is just one of the reasons why the Coox was invented. I suppose that the best description of the Coox is an electric mobile range cooker on wheels with adjustable legs. Okay, maybe that isn’t the least wordy description, but it certainly is the most practical.

I can think of several practical uses for the Coox. For example, if you like to have a hot meal while you are sitting and watching television, the Coox can plug in and be at the height of your waist for boiling your Top Raman or frying up some stir-fry. All of this can be done without having to go in and out of the kitchen to check on your cooking, because it is all right in front of you.

The designer of the Coox, Antoine Leburn, said he designed it for the “Internet generation”. In other words, for those who want to take their work anywhere. The Coox is certain portable enough for a little outdoor cooking, and all is required is an electrical outlet. So far, this is concept technology, but one that I could use right away.