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Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch

When we talk about smartwatches, most of the time the most common name that will flash across one’s mind would be the Apple Watch. However, there are many other different companies out there who have come up with their very own versions of smartwatches, and these tend to have their fair share of capabilities as well. The Coolpad Dyno smartwatch is one such timepiece that will target your children as opposed to catering a high powered executive.

 The primary purpose of the Coolpad Dyno smartwatch would be to keep parents connected to their little ones while sporting a form factor that is secure, sturdy and simple enough for just about anybody to use. It is extremely colorful in order to retain its appeal to the little ones out there, and happens to be the first in a range of family-oriented connected products that is offered by Coolpad.

In order to keep up with the times, the Coolpad Dyno smartwatch sports 4G LTE connectivity, an intuitive user interface that should be able to let anyone get started right from the get go, an SOS button for quickly contacting parents in an emergency, and kid-proof protection against dust and water. It will have to be paired with an easy-to-use companion app in order to maximize its potential, and with this particular smartwatch, parents are able to quickly locate their children, enable “safe zones” with virtual perimeter alerts so that no child will be able to wander off without alerting the parents, and communicate via voice and text messages.

Parents who are extremely busy and yet do not have the financial ability to enlist domestic help will definitely find the Coolpad Dyno smartwatch to be a timepiece that is worth picking up for their precious ones. With a recommended retail price of $149 apiece, it might prove to be rather pricey but what cost would any sane parent place on peace of mind?

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