Coolingstyle personal air conditioner unit

personal air conditioner unit

It can get rather hot in the summer, and for those who happen to live in an area where one experiences a tropical weather all year around, there is a need to find cooling relief often. This is one of the reasons why malls are hugely popular in sweltering South East Asia, where those huge buildings see plenty of footfall simply because the local population would like to escape from the rising temperatures by seeking solace within, never mind that the only kind of shopping that gets done would be of the window variety. Having a portable air conditioner unit is practically unheard of, but this is no reason not to work on such an idea. The Coolingstyle personal indoor/outdoor air conditioner has been touted to be the ultimate portable, where this multi-functional companion is useful when it comes to camping, travelling, at home, as well as office use.

Imagine being able to enjoy your very own air conditioner regardless of where you go, especially for campers who feel that the high degree of humidity at night could prove too difficult to get a good night’s rest. With this device, that is no longer a problem.

Sporting an extremely innovative design, it has managed to take the luxury of cool air and made it mobile. Relatively lightweight (compared to a regular A/C unit, of course), it tips the scales at a mere 5.6kg, and the built-in rechargeable battery will be able to deliver up to 5 hours of non-stop cooling between charges.

Powered by a 1700BTU/H micro-rotary compressor, it is able to cool down a 55 square foot room in a matter of minutes. When used indoors, simply plug it into any outlet, and it will get to work right away with the simple recirculation hose able to reach outside, so you do not have to worry about flooding your room. Since it relies on AC power when indoors, this means the device is able to run indefinitely.

Best of all is, it doubles up as an onboard battery bank that juices up other devices via USB, while a bright LED light helps you to operate it in the dark. Just in case of an emergency, there is a built-in SOS signal for unexpected situations.