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Cooling Massaging Seat Cushion keeps your butt nice and well rested

cooling-seat-massaging-cushionWhenever we hit the road, things can get quite hairy, especially during rush hour when there are just so many different kinds of drivers who share the road with you. Of course, some of them are far less courteous than normal, being total jerks, while others do not mind if you cut into their lane (after turning on your signal to indicate doing so, of course). Well, getting all heated up while you’re stuck in a traffic gridlock does not make much sense at all, which is why you should ensure you keep your cool. Let this unique gizmo help you out – the $99.95 Cooling Massaging Seat Cushion.

This is not just a cooling car seat, where its name points to it being able to provide your rear end with a nice massage, too! How does it cool your butt? There is a fan built into its front lip which will push air through the cushion’s vented polyester seat, resulting in superior airflow for maximum cooling even in the hottest of conditions. There are also twin massaging nodes that are located in the lower back soothe tired muscles and built-in heating elements in the back and seat enhance circulation. Sporting a tethered remote, it delivers three massage modes, high/low heat control, and five fan speeds. The cushion’s padded foam construction will ensure that you get a more comfortable driving experience, while a slip-resistant surface ensures the cushion remain in-place even when you are driving, working, or relaxing.