Is this the Coolest Swimming Pool Ever?

indoor pool
Over the years we’ve reported on some pretty cool swimming pool gadgets, from huge infinity pools to motorised bumper boats and many more. This next one is something special, it’s an outdoor terrace that converts into an indoor pool (yes you did read that correctly). Below is a photo before (in terrace mode) whilst above shows the terrace mid transformation.

Terrace Pool

To fully appreciate it you need to check out the following video:

The terrace system is called the MUTANDOR®

Extreme Exclusive B.V. is presenting the MUTANDOR®, a multifunctional terrace-to-building system. One system with more than ten functions. The MUTANDOR® is a complete terrace, from which walls (housefronts) will rise, a complete roof appears and a part sinks down, so that a swimming pool becomes available. This advanced system can be used as a terrace, as windscreens, party-hall, podium, pool cover, pool with movable pool floor etc. For almost all these options you can choose for the combination “open air”, or “partly in-house” (is partly covered) or “full in-house” (is closed roof).

The Pools and housings (AKA MUTANDOR®)are all custom made by EEx (Extreme Exclusive), there’s no mention of pricing but if you need to ask you likely can’t afford it.

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