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Coolest Home Theater Ever

Indy Theater

Well, perhaps in second place compared to the infamous “Death Star” home theater and slightly cooler than the DIY Trek Theater. And certainly cooler than the Titanic Theater, which admittedly has a vintage movie palace look. But still, can anyone tell me what is cooler than watching the Raiders Trilogy in a Home Theater Room themed out as a museum to the life of Indiana Jones? Teamed with hieroglyphics, replicas of the infamous golden idol that Indy carries football style in the opening scene or the cup of a carpenter as it’s bookend, and even an Arthurian Sword as a door knob. And naturally, there’s also the trademark leather jacket, hat, whip to finish off the ambience. The ceiling even looks like a worn rock face that exposes a cave to the elements. Sadly though, there’s no Lost Ark – though not for wanting one. Apparently, there simply was no room for it in the 8-by-12-foot theater.


What they did have room for was an array of A/V equipment that – while not cutting edge for audiophiles, does make the local Bistro rather envious. There’s torch style lighting driven by a Lutron Grafik Eye theater lighting system and a Control4 Home Theater Controller, high back recliners, an NEC HT1000 projector for its silver screen style big screen. The idea came from the torches – which the owner saw in a lighting store and inspiration struck – how cool would it be to Raiders themed home theater in their new home?

Kinda gives new meaning to the term “indy film.” Design and construction took six weeks.

Can you hear the theme music? Da, da da da, Da, da da …

Source Electronic House via Born Rich.

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