The Coolbox is a modern tool kit for creative minds

Moving further and further forward in time, our everyday needs and wants change. We don’t exactly need a wood-burning stove or line to put out laundry anymore. The same is true when it comes to our workshops. While we may have a larger home setup, our portable tool box now needs to have more than just wrenches, hammers, drills, and pliers.

Almost anyone you talk to is going to have a smartphone, which means charging is now a must wherever we go. Not only that, but we use tablets to keep track of everything from emails to what step we’re on in a project. That being said, our devices are now an irreplaceable part of our tool kit, and will need to be a larger consideration when working on the go. The Coolbox is a modern toolbox that has all the features your grandfather’s toolbox did, and much, much more. There’s a whiteboard in the magnetic lid, LED flood lights, a bottle opener, clock, an integrated power bar, a 10′ retractable cord, internal battery, bluetooth speakers, USB ports, wheels, a tablet stand/dock, and a removable tray for extra storage. The only thing you might be missing is a good circular saw, but you can’t have everything.

This weighs 14.4 pounds on its own, and can take a maximum load of 65 pounds. If you’re interested, you can partake in the currently funded crowdfunding campaign, and secure one for yourself at the price point of $209. This will give you the Coolbox and a hammer, screw driver set, tape measurer, level, and utility knife.