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Cool your lap with a Log Pillow

It’s a well-known fact that many laptops heat up considerably when in use for any long period. This of course has spawned hundreds of devices meant to cool off your notebook using any combination of heatsinks and pads. This Log Pillow takes a different approach to the situation.

Rather than trying to directly cool off the parts of the laptop that would be resting on your legs, this Log Pillow raises it up away from your legs to keep them cool. The “logs” are soft and cushy which not only keep you comfortable, but allow for better air circulation to the underside of the notebook. The front one even acts as a nice wrist rest for additional comfort.

What’s more is the “logs” are actually filled with buckwheat hulls and are crafted from hemp, which will appeal to your inner hippie. Unfortunately the $160 price tag will likely sway you towards finding a different cooling option.

Source: Dvice