Cool Transparent Speakers

One of the first unique gadgets we saw at the Stuff Show were some very unique looking speakers by the UK company ferguson hill. The speakers stood 1.65 metres tall (or 5′ – 5″ in `real` money). They were made from some sort of transparent plastic so would blend into the surroundings of any futuristic home.

They also had some desktop versions which would look perfect connected to any PC and would especially compliment an iMac G5.

The sound quality seemed good though I’m not renowned for being able to tell the difference between 10 grand speakers and a pair of cheap headphones. The range of the speakers is 150Hz to 20KHz, which means not a lot to me but this does mean the also require a sub base unit for sounds below 150HZ. As you’d expect the sub bass unit is also transparent.

From a cool chic factor point of view these speakers are the absolute business, you’ll need a fair amount of space to accommodate them to full affect, but if you can afford them I don’t think space is going to be a problem. The full set of 2 1.65 metres floor standing speakers, 2 required sub base units and amplifier have a street price of just under 15,000 sterling (that’s about 26,500 USD) which though costing more than a decent car will give your next party something talk about as well as listen to.