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Cool Shooters, the Coolest Shot Glasses Money Can Buy

Cool Shooters
The Cool Shooter is just like a regular ice cube tray, but instead of making cubes, it makes perfectly formed frozen ice shot glasses. All you need to do is fill the Cool Shooter with water, favourite juice or even liquor and put them on the freezer, and soon you can pop out a fully formed ice glass.

Just remember to finish up the drink before the glass melts away in your hands, or your fingers freeze in the process. The Cool Shooter tray is made from silicone flexible rubber, so you just have to twist it to get your ice shot glass. The Cool Shooter makes four ice shots at a time, so if you’re having a party or something, make sure you buy another one for your friends.

Cool Shooters

The Cool Shooters were created by Fred, and are sold at the Perpetual Kid website, where they also have other interesting products such as the cool jewels ice tray, the cool jazz ice stirrers and the unbelievable bacon wallet!

Each shot glass measures 2” x 2” x 2.5”. You can also buy the Cool Shooters at Amazon for only US$ 9.

Via The Zero Boss.

6 thoughts on “Cool Shooters, the Coolest Shot Glasses Money Can Buy”

  1. Wow! For a second there, I thought I’d done a lot of extra work I didn’t know about.

    I do have some of these ice shot glasses (from a different company) and they’re a fun way to down copious amounts of alcohol.

    However, they are really drippy! (good for outdoors in the summmer)

  2. Fred, lol! I would love to try one of those ice shot glasses, but there’s no way I can use them here in Brazil, with the heat over here they would melt completely in less than 1 minute.

    Nerd Approved, thanks a lot for the link!

  3. I own these, and sadly they’re actually pretty terrible. The idea of ice shot glasses is a lot more exciting than the less lustrous reality of holding a cold, sticky, melting chunk of ice. One of the worst parts is the alcohol itself tends to quickly melt through the bottom of the shot glass and drip all over. Due to the rapid melting I’ve lost precious ounces of vodka all over the counter, floor and my hapless guests during the pouring and serving process. Then once you’ve rapidly slurped your shot, the guests are left holding a cold and sticky mess that they can’t set down anywhere. The only way to really get this to work is to time the shots in conjunction with guests already holding a half-full glass of something complementary to the shot so they can drop the shot glass into it as a very large icecube. As for the idea of using juices…yikes! The alcohol (even refrigerated) melted right through the orange juice shot glasses before they even got off the counter. That was a HUGE mess. There’s just no way to time it so that it melts just enough to get the orange juice flavor without it being melted enough to cause a leak. The only good part is the 15 seconds of novelty. *sigh*

  4. I dont have these exact ones.. but got a shot glass ice maker from a bottle of something i bought. love it!! Work great as the shot then dropping it in your cup.. also AWESOME for jaiger bombs since your supposed to drop your shot glass in the redbull and chug 🙂 No digging it out after

  5. hi,
    I am having a cocktail party and I want to make ice glasses, I have found shot glasses everyewhere, but I want to be able to make a regular glass.
    Anyone know of anywhere I can find these?

    Kadence 🙂

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