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Cool Shirt is a liquid cooling system for your body

Cool Shirt

If you’ve ever owned a car that doesn’t have air conditioning, you know that wonderful feeling of sitting in the middle of traffic sweating through your clothes. Without that wonderful component of your car, there’s really no good way to keep cool when stuck in traffic. That is unless you had one of these shirts.

If you’ve ever installed a liquid cooling system in a computer, you’ll be familiar with this concept. The tubes you see carry cooled water all over your chest and back, thus cooling you down without getting you wet. You’ll need to hook the tubes up to a pump that pulls water from a cooler in your car. Sure, this doesn’t seem very logical for most people to have, but it’s great for professional racers who spend long hours in hot cars.

Source: CrunchGear

4 thoughts on “Cool Shirt is a liquid cooling system for your body”

  1. i’m in the military and wearing all my body armor out in the middle of the desert. all the moisture wiking shirts in the world doesnt keep you cooler it just takes the sweat off. i would LOVE to have a camo shirt like this under my armor. of course it would have to be flame retardant and digi camo for the army but DAMN GOOD IDEA!!!

  2. I used this in Iraq in 2006. It works very well in a one man Bomb detection vehicle surrounded by steal and bullet proof glass. If you have no AC, and need to stay cool in 140 degree heat, This will work. Word of caution, If you use ice expect to have to remove the vest or turn off the cycle every 30 minutes, Ice water is to fucking gold no matter how hit it is outside to be on all the time.

  3. This shirt seem to be a funny thing, but it is fun wearing and it will be very useful, specially in hot regions where temperature goes up to 50C+. Innovation cannot be stopped, as need can never be ended.

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