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Cool Pooch – Lets you Share a Cold one with Your Dog

It’s no secret that people are in love with their pets. Americans alone, spent over 50 billion on pets last year and that number is expected to be just a bit higher this year. We dress our pets, we let them sleep in our beds and for some of us, our pets are our children. So this next item won’t be alarming to some of you, and for the rest of us, well, lets just say, grab the mouthwash before you read this.
Check out the Cool Pooch Water Bottle, allowing you to share your water with mans best friend, a straw for you, a little squeeze filled “sippy- funnel” for your dog… what could be better? Cool Pooch is a super convenient way for you to carry a single water supply for both you and your pet, in one easy to carry sports bottle. Imagine you and your pal, hiking, running, picnicking or even on a road trip.. sharing your time together, wind in your hair, and then sharing a frosty beverage. How delightful.
The Cool Pooch bottle is specially designed to prevent backwash *gulp* and can also be purchased with an optional sport sack that will allow you to hang the bottle comfortably over your shoulder as well as being insulated, in order to keep your drinks cold. The Cool Pooch bottle will not leak and it’s dishwasher safe, so let Rover know he doesn’t need to worry that you put your lips on it!
The Cool Pooch water bottle sells for under 9 bucks and it can also be purchased with the sport sack for around $16.99 both are available at Oh go ahead, your dog isn’t going to be grossed out by your slobber… is he?

1 thought on “Cool Pooch – Lets you Share a Cold one with Your Dog”

  1. I have a cool pooch cup for about 5 years now and my dog and I use it constantly. It is so easy to pack for the day when you know you and your dog are going to be out most of the day. We both can have a drink anywhere, anytime and it’s less to carry. Presently, I don’t have the holder. That would be a great addition. This is the greatest invention ever!

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