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Router Clock

Internet routers and USB wifi adapters are generally pretty boring, yeah they may have a few flashing lites but that’s about it. That could all be about to change thanks to London’s Goldsmiths University, who have created 4 pretty unique routers:

The first (pictured above) is the Route O’Clock, which uses colored lites to show the strength of the connection throughout the day.

This 24-hour clock creates a picture of the varying signal strength throughout the day, so people can make the most of their internet connection.

We have tons of juicy data about your experiences online. For example, we know the best times to connect to the web throughout the day. As demand for bandwidth grows, this information becomes increasingly useful. So, what better way to bring the subject to life than through our beautifully designed Rout O’clock? Complete with twenty-four glowing segments, the display indicates signal strength as time passes. In future, our customers could be able to choose the very best times to enjoy bandwidth-hungry activities like watching internet TV, or playing online games.


Next is the Energy Saver, this is a combination of router and key rack. It works by automatically turning the router off when the last set of keys is removed (assuming everybody has left the building and the Internet connection is no longer needed).

The other two routers are more about the design than function, the Hybrid and Jelly Fish. You can find more information and videos over on Future Routers, do you think routers like this could be the way of the future?