Cool electronic home decor

pianist-hand.jpgSo you’ve just moved into your brand new dream home, and have gone to great lengths to furnish it according to your preference. You take great pride in fixing nearly every single piece of furniture, painting the walls, selecting the right wallpaper (OK, I admit that is the uncrossable domain of the fairer sex), and even picking up the right fixtures so that everything blends in smoothly, providing a pleasant view for any eye that scans across the room. To complete the look, it is crucial that you purchase a couple of bric bracs at the very least in order to provide a touch of elegance, while offering the opportunity for new friends to strike up conversation in case they are not willing to share beyond their basic information. The Pianist Hand Concert gizmo is just the thing for you to get tongues rolling as the evening progresses.

This unique device is made from clear plastic and features a whole bunch of gears and levels within that enables the fingers to move as though it is currently playing one of the six classic piano pieces. This mechanical hand will be able to dance according to the tunes of Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony”, Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer,” or Chopin’s “Minute Waltz”. Any casual observer will most definitely be left speecless as the Pianist Hand Concert goes about its task non-chalantly, boasting precise movement and precision-tuned mechanical genius. Of course, since it only comes in one hand, it will only act out the parts played by the right hand only. An integrated sound sensor will detect a clap and start the music automatically. The Pianist Hand Concert runs off a couple of AA batteries.

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