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Cool Clock recycles old computer gear

CD Drive Clock

If you’re like me, you’ve probably acquired a massive amount of old gadgets and computer parts. There are times where I have to just close my eyes and start throwing stuff out because I need the closet space. For some reason I always think that I’ll get around to finding a use for that old Pentium II or 8x CD burner. While I probably won’t actually use them, someone has figured out a good use for old optical drives. Just turn them into clocks.

Just from looking at this I would guess that they’ve simply removed the casing of an old CD drive, popped a CD in the microwave for a bit and then used a DIY clock kit. While it was likely a simple process, the end result does look pretty cool. Sure, you could probably do this yourself, but are you ever actually going to get around to doing it? For $35 you could save yourself the hassle and just have them do all of the work.

Source: UberReview

1 thought on “Cool Clock recycles old computer gear”

  1. lol i can see how they do that…(put a c-d [preferably blank]in the microwave and watch the show…the after effect looks like the hard drive disk

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